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  • We can help you pass

    We can help you pass

  • Drug residue is stored in the cortex of the hair

    Drug residue is stored in the cortex of the hair

  • Pass the drug test so you can get back to work
  • We've been detoxing Las Vegas for over 7 years!
  • Scientifically proven methods allows us to pass over 95%

Hair Detox

Hair Detox is a professional salon service. Although we don’t promote the use of illegal substances,  we are not here to judge.  If you’ve taken medications not prescribed to you or illegal substances and are needing to cleanse your hair of the remnants, we are here to help.  Hypnotic Salon uses the latest proprietary techniques to scrub your hair clean, inside and out.  Meaning, there will be no trace of any substance other then those naturally occurring. As always Hypnotic Salon will maintain client confidentiality of any services performed here.

The procedure takes about 3-4 hours depending on the length of hair. It is no more damaging than getting a double-process service.  Process is virtually undetectable. Nothing is fool proof, however we’ve got the best results possible in the business.

Technical Details

Our proprietary process is used to open the cuticle of the hair allowing us to scrub clean both the inside (where most of toxic forms drug residue are located)  and outside of the hair shaft.  In this process even all hair color is stripped out.  We then blend your natural color back in, leaving no traces of the hair detox process.


Prices start at $250 for men (with short hair) and $400 for women with above shoulder-length hair. Call (702) 562-4438, or book your appointment online.


Peter F. on April 15, 2013 wrote:

Hypnotic salon totally saved my ass and my job. I tried the hair detox kit from Mr. Bills and failed the test. Luckily my employer was able to retest me the next day. I called Hypnotic Salon and they got me in the same day and i passed. The process was like 3 hours and i had always hated getting my hair colored. But i am so happy Hypnotic was able to get in and clean. Guys plan on spending $250. I wish I was able to find them earlier cause I lost my job at the MGM 3 years ago when they sprang the surprise drug test on the whole kitchen department.

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  • Joseph


    Came down from Washington for an interview few weeks ago and I was sent to drug test next day. If it was not for hypnotic I would probably not have a job today. I was a heavy smoker for 2 years and I am not talking about cigarets. Service was kinda long but the music was hip and the technician was very talkative. Definitely worth it.


  • Armondo


    I am very so thankful for hypnotic salon to do this service so i can get a job in the casino. Not using my last name or name of casino for privacy. Expensive service for guys but nothing else worked i bought treatment form onlive and it still fails


  • Joe


    I called and they told me I must book online.
    Can’t find a link to do that, please help



  • Stella


    Thanks to hypnotics detox procedure I got the job of my dreams. Its been about 8 weeks since I partied hard and smoked some serious dope. I went and got a private hair test done and sure enough, there was dope in my hair. But I know and recommend the detox procedure cause they got it out. It took about 4 hours and $450 but its all worth it now. And the partying is behind me.


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